As usual, FIU Barcelona starts its big festival presenting, on-stage, a new creative studio specialized in video, cinema and/or motion graphics. For the very first edition of the FIUBCN event, we presented Morphika as the studio in charge of producing a video masterpiece that introduces the names of each speaker.  The beauty of this low-budget project is that it made Morphika learn and grow as a creative studio, thinking outside the box and exploring new ways and tricks to create such an amazing piece of work.

After presenting them the briefing for the first credit titles ever, Morphika came up with their own interpretation of the concept: “Promoting and showcasing the creative talent”. Here’s what they said when asked about the concept:

The concept behind this titles was a metaphor of breaking the egg, it’s a metaphor of born and became something.Therefore, we can observe different eggs that have graphical propieties direclty related with the different students. We can see the conceptual, mecanical o artistical characteristics depending of each egg


Such an impressive and flawless masterpiece that helped Morphika getting into the professional scenario really quick and get clients from all over the world (Qatar, the United States, China). Such an example of what a FIUER can do with no budget, but a lot of passion.

Bravo Morphika. #MUCHLOVE

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  • Date
    27th May 2014
  • Project
    FIU Barcelona - 1st Edition
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